About Us

Oemscart is an optimized search engine for electronic components.

Oemscart helps you search, find, compare and buy the best electronic components that you are looking for through its powerful search engine.

Our website search engine makes the things easier for the procurement personnel, design engineers and for those who work in Supply Chain segments by providing all the information on a single platform in a reliable, efficient and simplified manner.

We provide you a detailed comparison for components based on the price quotes, datasheets, product change notification (PCN, PDN and EOL), RoHS of the components with the available inventory across the authorized and independent distributors worldwide.

Oemscart database contains over 90 Million electronic components information. You are not required to be a member to search for parts on Oemscart since the service is 100% free. Ordering is easy with our shopping cart which directs you to the Franchise website and also to request a quote from the distributors on the search results page.